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In Vitro and Ex Vivo Assays to Accelerate Immuno-Oncology Drug Discovery

Dr. Toni Jun, Crown Bioscience Inc webinarPresenter: Dr. Toni Jun, Crown Bioscience

Immunotherapy represents one of the most promising cancer treatment approaches in modern medicine. However, it also brings many challenges for drug developers right from early stages of in vitro drug discovery, where non-conventional immunology assays are required to understand immune response to immunomodulating agents.

Using an integrated platform of in vitro and ex vivo immuno-oncology assays to address I/O drug discovery challenges, makes contemporary immunotherapy development faster, easier, and more efficient. This webinar introduces a one stop solution that provides:

  • A platform dedicated to helping you understand the immunomodulatory effects of novel immunotherapy agents
  • Robust target identification, expression profiling and validation services, as well as assay services that determine functional consequences and mechanisms of action
  • A comprehensive suite of assays to better understand the mechanism of action of immuno-oncology agents

Watch This Webinar To Discover How to:

  • Monitor tumor infiltrating lymphocyte populations and assess their functional capacity
  • Understand functional characteristics including antigen presentation, immune system activation, regulation of the tumor microenvironment, and immune-cell mediated efficacy
  • Explore the role of the microbiome in immunotherapy using preclinical models


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About The Presenter:

Toni Jun, Crown Bioscience Inc webinarDr. Toni Jun is a Director of Scientific Engagement at Crown Bioscience and has over 17 years of experience in drug discovery experience in both small and large biotech companies. She has extensive experience initiating and leading programs using multiple modalities, including small molecules, antibodies, and bispecific molecules for immuno-oncology, immunology, and oncology programs.

Toni is a graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and received her Ph.D. from Harvard University, Committee on Virology. She has contributed to multiple patents and peer-reviewed publications throughout her career.

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