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NASH Day 2020 On Demand Webinar

Advances in Development of NHP Models of Diet-Enhanced NAFLD/NASH

Presenter: Dr Keefe Chng, Senior Director, Chief Scientific Officer and GM, Site Head, Crown Bioscience Louisiana

NASH Day 2020 Webinar

Improved preclinical models are needed for NAFLD/NASH drug development, to better understand disease progression and accelerate much needed treatment options. NHPs are a highly translational model, showing NAFLD/NASH pathogenic characteristics and accompanying risk factors similar to clinical disease.

In this presentation, Dr Keefe Chng details a custom diet designed to accelerate a NAFLD/NASH phenotype in NHPs. The characterization of biomarker and histological data supporting NAFLD/NASH observations in NHPs on the daily high fat, cholesterol, and fructose diet is also explored.

Watch this Webinar to Learn:

  • How a high fat, cholesterol, and fructose diet can be used to rapidly enhance and develop a NHP model of NAFLD/NASH for pathophysiology and therapeutic studies
  • That histological data from these models demonstrates NAFLD/NASH at 8, 14, and 20 weeks, in comparison with baseline
  • Disease progression of NAFLD/NASH in both rhesus and cynomolgus macaques on custom diet

Who Should Watch:

  • Preclinical scientists interested in robust, reproducible NAFLD/NASH NHP models
  • Drug developers working on therapeutics for NAFLD/NASH
  • Researchers evaluating NHP models of NAFLD/NASH

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About The Presenter:

Dr Keefe ChngDr Keefe Chng, is the Chief Scientific Officer and Site Head of Crown Bioscience Louisiana (CBLA). He is a veterinary surgeon and received his PhD in Experimental Medicine from the University of Sydney. Dr Chng joined CrownBio in 2014, and previously worked at the Singapore Institute for Clinical Science where he established the NHP research center (A*STAR), for growth, development, nutrition, and metabolic studies. He also has extensive management of rodent models and NHP colonies for pharmaceutical development and is the author of over 20 publications.

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