Rodent Models
of Obesity

Translational models to help drive your obesity research programs


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CrownBio’s preclinical CardioVascular and Metabolic Disease (CVMD) Translational Technology Platforms provide a full suite of rodent models for obesity research and development, and for evaluation of anti-obesity agents. To allow consistency with historical client research we provide any commercially available rat or mouse model, which includes monogenic models prone to obesity e.g. Zucker fa/fa and Sprague-Dawley (SD) rat (which become overweight but not hyperglycemic), and the ob/ob mouse. We also provide both rat and mouse models of high fat diet induced obesity.

Discover CrownBio's Preclinical Translational Technology Platform for Obesity

Our conventional models are complemented by our highly translatable rodent models of dysmetabolism, diabetes, and obesity – the MS-NASH (formerly called FATZO) mouse and ZDSD rat. These polygenic models have functional leptin/leptin receptors, naturally developing obesity and other metabolic syndrome characteristics, making them highly suitable models for obesity research and anti-obesity agent evaluation.


The MS-NASH mouse shows rapid weight gain, with the onset of polygenic obesity on a standard diet.


The ZDSD rat has early onset of polygenic obesity on a standard diet by 2 months of age, with increased body weight with abdominal fat and dyslipidemia, allowing evaluation of both antidiabetic and antilipogenic compounds.

At CrownBio we work with clients to design the optimal study for their agents. We have the capability to monitor all three of the most commonly used endpoints for obesity research in one single study, if required. Our classic obesity research study endpoints consist in the assessment of: 

  • Body composition (percentage body fat, lean mass, and water measured via quantitative NMR [qNMR])
  • Food consumption via manual measurement
  • Energy expenditure via indirect calorimetry (OxyMax system, Columbus Instruments).
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