In Vitro Assays

Whatever your project needs, we have the In vitro biology to support faster, better decision-making.


In vitro biology

Although metabolic dysfunctions become manifest in various tissues and organs that have complex, interrelated relationships and that involve numerous signaling pathways, certain specific pathways can be probed in well-defined in vitro assays.

Crown Bioscience continues to develop its portfolio of in vitro assays using stable cell lines, primary cells, and freshly isolated animal tissues, such as:

  • Stable cell lines.
  • Mesangial cells.
  • INS-1.
  • CHO reporter cell line.
  • Primary animal tissue from various species.
  • Islets: Insulin synthesis and secretion.
  • Adipose: Glucose uptake.
  • Liver: Glycogen synthesis, gluconeogenesis, lipid metabolism.
  • Muscle: Glucose uptake, fatty acid oxidation.

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