Virtual Lunch and Learn

Translational Preclinical Platforms for CAR-T Cell Therapy

October 14th 2020, 12-1:00pm BST

CrownBio lunch and learn, organoids and PDX as preclinical models to evaluate CAR-T cell therapiesJoin our interactive Lunch and Learn Seminar on October 14th. Register now to learn more about the cutting edge organoid and in vivo models available for CAR-T cell therapy evaluation.

Why Attend?

Appropriate preclinical models are needed to fully develop new CAR-T cell therapies and strategies, including CAR designs, efficacy enhancement without toxicity, TME modeling for solid tumors, and population diversity studies. Preclinical models such as organoids and PDX are both used to investigate CAR-T cell therapies. At this event, we'll explore how they provide patient-relevant settings across in vitro and in vivo studies, and how to successfully select the right model for your studies.

You’ll also have the chance to ask any questions related to your studies during a highly interactive Q&A session with Dr. Ludovic Bourré.

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Ludovic Bourré PhD

Sr Director of Scientific Engagement
Translational Preclinical Platforms for CAR-T Cell Therapy

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