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Lunch and Learn

Next Generation Preclinical Modelling: Organoids, Imaging, Mouse Clinical Trials, and Biomarker Discovery

Wednesday, February 26th, 10:00am-13:30pm
Hotel Stücki, Badenstrasse 1, 4057 Basel

Next Generation Preclinical ModellingJoin our interactive Lunch and Learn Seminar in Basel this February. Register now to explore the latest developments in next generation oncology models for preclinical drug development.

Why Attend?

The translatability and clinical relevance of preclinical oncology data needs to be enhanced, to improve current new agent attrition rates. This can be achieved through a variety of next generation preclinical models including patient-derived platforms such as tumour organoids and PDX to improve data predictivity, imaging orthotopic models for a more relevant TME, as well as adopting precision medicine approaches through biomarker discovery and implementation.

At this event you’ll have the chance to ask any oncology and preclinical drug development questions related to your studies, as well as have time to network informally with peers. The talks will be preceded by coffee available from 10am, and followed by a sandwich lunch/networking around 12pm.


Dr Ludovic Bourré

Senior Director of Scientific Engagement
Organoid Technology Development for Translational Cancer Research

An Integrated Platform for Biomarker Discovery

Dr Yinfei Yin

Head of Scientific Operations, CrownBio UK
Preclinical Imaging of Orthotopic and Metastatic Models for Oncology Drug Discovery

Attendance is free but space is limited.

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