1+1 Mouse Trial

Rapidly progress anticancer agents using CrownBio’s unique high-throughput in vivo PDX screen


CrownBio's 1+1 Mouse Trial

HuScreen+ is the first commercial in vivo screening platform to utilize a 1+1 study design to evaluate drug response using an extensive, well-characterized, clinically relevant patient-derived xenograft (PDX) collection. This exclusive 1+1 study design provides highly reproducible results, and clinically translatable data, to inform on targeted agent and combination therapy treatment approaches in a cost effective manner across a selection of different tumor types.

Highlights of HuScreen+

  • Fast and efficient in vivo screening platform
  • Under 6-month turnaround time, utilizing live PDX models with proven robust growth
  • Reliable 1+1 study design enabling a cost effective way to screen many tumor types
  • Wide spectrum of tumor types with unique mutations, genetic features, and drug responses

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