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CrownBio Europe Inflammation Roadshow

June: France - Germany - Sweden - Switzerland - UK

CrownBio Europe Inflammation RoadshowAre you looking for a new partner in inflammation drug development? Our Head of Inflammation Dr Joshua Wollam is traveling to Europe this June to discuss our platform of translational preclinical models.

Meet the CrownBio Inflammation Team

You can meet the CrownBio inflammation team at a range of locations to find out more about our available in vivo models of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.


Inflammatory Bowel Disease Models
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Models
Liver Injury Models
Rheumatoid Arthritis Models
Type 1 Diabetes Models
Hypersensitivity Models
Multiple Sclerosis Models
Peritonitis Models

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Date Country
June 24 France
June 25 Switzerland
June 26 Germany
June 27 Sweden
June 28 UK

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