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September 16-19, 2019


Accelerating NASH in an Improved Translational Model: MS-NASH Mouse on Western Diet and CCl4

Tuesday September 17, 11:55am
Dr Guodong Zhang, Director, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease Division, Crown Bioscience

Enhanced preclinical models are needed to improve NASH drug development, combining the severe pathology and dysmetabolism seen clinically. We're presenting on the MS-NASH mouse on Western diet, fructose, and CCl4, a new preclinical NASH model combining both severe fibrosis and dysmetabolism in an accelerated timeframe. Explore model characterization and outcomes following OCA treatment.

Poster Presentation

The ZDSD Rat, a Dysmetabolic Model with Intact Leptin Pathway, Develops NAFLD and NASH when Fed a Choline-Deficient and High-Fat Diet

Presented during all poster sessions, September 17-19

Learn more about our new NAFLD/NASH model developed from the ZDSD rat - a spontaneously dysmetabolic and diabetic rodent model with intact leptin signaling. This poster explores characterization of NAFLD and NASH development following administration of a choline-deficient and high-fat diet (CDAHFD) and treatment response to elafibranor.


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