Save 10% on Your First Study With Crown’s Translational Rodent or NHP Models of Diabetes, Obesity, Renal Disease, and NAFLD/NASH

CVMD image box-04.jpgCrownBio’s metabolic disease portfolio is a unique continuum of translational platforms that enable our clients to take strategic go/no-go decisions as they progress their therapeutic candidates through various stages of drug development.

We invite new clients to trial CrownBio’s winning combination of translational models and unparalleled scientific expertise, with a special introductory 10% discount on your first study with:

Unique rodent models:

  • FATZO Mouse
  • ZDSD Rat

Conventional rodent models:

  • ZDF and ZSF-1 rats
  • db/db and ob/ob mice
  • DIO rats and mice
  • STZ-induced diabetic rats and mice


  • Uni-nephrectomy rats
  • pcy mice
  • jck mice

Non-Human Primates:

Our large collection of well-characterized spontaneous diabetic NHPs including both cynomolgus and rhesus monkeys, mirror every aspect of the human disease including disease progression, obesity, and complications such as NAFLD/NASH, nephropathy, neuropathy, and dyslipidemia. This ideal system for preclinical investigation of next generation antidiabetic and metabolic disease agents is part of our unique translational platform.

The FATZO mouse is a unique translational model of type 2 diabetes and obesity that develops NAFLD/NASH. The ZDSD rat is the most translational rat model for metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes and diabetic complications. Unlike conventional models, both develop polygenic diabetes with intact leptin pathways and gain weight on a normal diet.

Enable your strategic preclinical pipeline decision with the most translatable models for cardiovascular and metabolic disease research today with DiscoverCrown.

Save 10% on your first study

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