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Breast Cancer Preclinical Models

Translational in vitro, in vivo, and immuno-oncology models to progress your breast cancer agents

Advance Your Breast Cancer Drug Development with Translational Preclinical Models

Breast cancer is a complex disease with many genetic determinants, which therefore requires multiple subsets of preclinical models for thorough novel agent assessment. Metastasis models and those capable of testing combination therapies are also needed.

We provide well-characterized and fully validated preclinical in vivo and in vitro models to evaluate your breast cancer therapy, including hormone dependent and independent disease, including the difficult to treat triple negative breast cancer (TNBC).

For immunotherapy assessment we provide a range of models from basic syngeneics, to murine tumor homografts and humanized models.


PDX Models Xenograft Database Cell Line Database


Learn more on how our models can help advance your drug discovery with our wide range of breast cancer resources.

Access CrownBio's Online Databases

Looking for data and characterization around a specific model? Explore CrownBio's unique, online databases for a detailed look into the largest collection of preclinical oncology models available.

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  • HuBaseTM: Online, searchable database featuring the world's largest PDX collection
  • MuBase®: Online database of murine and humanized drug target models to advance your immuno-oncology research
  • XenoBase®: Online database of over 1,000 tumor cell lines and 215 cell line derived xenograft models

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