SYMPOSIUM: Oncology Drug Discovery, Translating from Target to Patient

Boston MA, May 4 2017 - Boston Museum of Science

Museum of Science, BostonThis year our annual Oncology Drug Discovery Boston symposium focuses on the efficient translation of anticancer agents from bench to bedside.

This highly dynamic field has already seen tremendous change with the acceptance of key translational tools, such as patient-derived xenografts (PDX), and now needs further evolution to continue the advancement of immunotherapeutics.

The symposium will bring together Oncology R&D and Preclinical teams from industry, academia, and medical research to facilitate cross discipline discussions on current techniques, and how to move forward with future approaches.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • How key translational oncology tools such as PDX models can be used to predict therapeutic response and inform on clinical trial strategies

  • How to expedite the development of novel targeted agents

  • The evolving role of the tumor microenvironment on tumor growth and drug response, and how to use it to your advantage

Presentations & Speakers

Dr. Rajendra Kumari
Rajendra Kumari

Crown Bioscience UK
Embracing Heterogeneity and Microenvironment

Anderson Clark
Anderson Clark

EMD Serono
Considerations for Industry-Academia Collaboration with an Example – Testing a p70S6K/AKT Inhibitor in Preclinical Patient-Derived Xenograft Models of Glioblastoma

Keith Wilcoxen
Keith Wilcoxen

The Use of PDX to Inform Patient Selection, Diagnostics and Combination Strategies for PARP Inhibitors

Frank Comer
Frank Comer

MEDI4276: A Novel Biparatopic ADC For Targeting HER2 Positive Cancers

Chris Murriel
Chris Murriel

Using PDX Models to Predict WNT Inhibition and Taxane Synergy

Klaus Hoeflich
Klaus Hoeflich

Blueprint Medicines
Discovery and Development of BLU-554: A Potent, Highly Selective Covalent Inhibitor of FGFR4 for the Targeted Treatment of Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma

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