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Last Updated March 18th, 2020

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Update Message for US & UK

To all US and European Employees,

As we are closely watching the COVID-19 updates from local government and state agencies, we want to reassure your CrownBio Pandemic Response Team is taking proactive approach on how to protect our Employee and Family, as well as our Clients. The www.crownbio.com/besafe website is constantly being updated with vital information pertaining to their business.

Your respective Pandemic Response Teams will provide their Teams with specific information regarding their sites, the questions that have come up and address case-by-case situations, as they arise. Sometimes, questions will arise, that will need to be reviewed and approved by the Pandemic Response Team or your Global HR Team. When these situations arise, we do appreciate your patient as we urgently try to address all areas of concerns.

The key points of today’s email is to address some of the US and UK sites questions that are very similar:

  • US/UK Employees – If you or someone in your home is sick, Family first! Please take care of everyone – PLEASE STAY HOME.
    • If you or someone in your home has been exposed and confirmed COVID-19 positive, it should be immediately reported to the site pandemic response team and HR. They must be self-quarantined for 14-days and work with HR directly regarding status updates to their condition
  • Employee themselves is ill, what happens if they exhaust their Sick hours for the Hourly/Non-Exempt Employees in the US and Exempt Salaried in the UK?
    • Current work/pay arrangements remain; no changes at this time
    • Each site will follow local state law and current company sick leave policies and guideline
      • U.S. Employees are allotted 40 hours of sick; If they exceed that during a 14-day quarantine requirement based on exposure (Business travel or illness), they may elect to work with their Management Team to see if there is work that can be done remotely, or they may take it unpaid. If their time off is due to their own illness or to care of a dependent who is ill (outside of the general cold/flu), and is longer than the 14-day quarantine requirement, they may also elect with local EDD office to apply for State Disability while they are out.
      • UK Employees are allotted a standard 10-day paid sick; if they exceed that, they may seek the local support from Public Health England (PHE) or local government re: Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) under UK law. The employee may contact local agency to apply (https://www.gov.uk)
  • Do sites need to monitor their work?
    • Yes: US and UK sites will be responsible to track and update their respective work and client studies
  • Do we need to track absences from work?
    • Yes; Site Managers will manage their respective Teams when out of office
      • US Site Managers can track notes on TriNet
      • UK may have to manually track since TriNet is not available

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best Regards,
Regional HR US & European

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