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Last Updated March 12th, 2020

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Travel Guideline in March

Dear Colleagues,

In view of the development of the novel coronavirus, the CrownBio management team has made the following update guidelines in March:

All travel should adhere to the following guidelines:

Travel Guidelines:

Business Travel.

At this time domestic business travel, (travel within the country in which you reside) is at the sole discretion of the employee. CrownBio advises caution in all instances. If the employee feels that there is risk associated with business travel it should either be postponed to a later date or be replaced by a call or virtual meeting (Zoom).

Travel within your home country:

Is at the sole discretion of the employee. If there are concerns discuss with your line manager. Do not travel if you do not feel comfortable.

International Travel:

International travel is permitted Only with the express and written permission of Senior Executives. International travel requires a 3-stage approval process.

  • Initial approval from JP, CrownBio CEO
  • Then, Tim Lowery, CEO of JSR Life Sciences.
  • Then, a Re-Confirmation of approval with your division head a day before the departure date

Travel to or from a “Level 2” (or higher) country:

such as China, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Italy and/or other Country/region which was already declared by CDC (https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices) or local country government, both JP and Tim’s approval is needed in advance and will be strictly controlled.

Travel Insurance:

Please ensure you’re covered by proper travel insurance during the whole trip

Status Monitoring

All travelers are advised to check the latest status of their transportation and accommodation arrangements, and travel insurance during the whole trip.


All travelers are also to take special note that, depending on the government regulations at destination, or home-country border-control measures, travelers may be subjected to entry-restrictions and/or a period of mandatory self-quarantine, upon arriving at destination, or upon returning to work location and home country

Personal Travel

Please also follow below general guidelines, they are;

  • For any international trip (including between countries in Europe), employees should inform their line manager and keep the responsible HR in copy.
  • For trips to/from China, Japan, South Korea, Iran and/or Italy, employees should inform their line manager and keep responsible HR person in copy on the whole trip itinerary.
  • When an employee exits above mentioned countries, they will be required to self-quarantine himself/herself for 14 days, i.e. either work from home or use vacation time with line manager’s pre-approval and keep responsible HR person in copy.


Industry trade-shows:

At this stage we will not be unilaterally withdrawing from scheduled trade-shows/exhibitions, but if individual CrownBio staff feel they do not wish to attend/travel, CrownBio will respect their wish and adjust plans accordingly. Please try to inform line manager on your decision and marketing as early as possible.

CrownBio hosted events:

Decisions will be made on a case by case basis. Our position on immediate events is as follows:

  • March 17th: CBUK Symposium - Current plan is to proceed, with communication to all attendees on March 9th confirming the meeting will go ahead.
  • AACR in April: company will announce the arrangement at the end of March or earlier April

Responsible HR Interface:

  • Employees in US & UK, please copy Eileen Valero@eileen.valero@crownbio.com
  • Employee in China&Taiwan, please copy Grace Feng@fengxiaohong@crownbio.com

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and ensure that we take prudent and rational steps to protect our employees and families, as well as our customers and partners. If you feel you need support, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through your management.

Thank you for your continued support and vigilance.

Human Resources Department

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