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Last Updated April 7th, 2020

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Regional HR Update US & EU Employees

To all US and European Employees,

With the aim to continue to assure our employees we are taking a proactive approach on how to continue to protect our Employees and their Family. Effective Monday-April 6th thru Sunday-May 3rd, CrownBio will continue to manage our current COVID-19 work arrangements for US and Europe/UK regions. Please reference the 3/22/20 HR Update document sent through the BeSafe email and referenced on the BeSafe website.

These are some FAQ’s  that you should be following effective immediately unless otherwise communicated: 

If you or someone in your home is sick, Family first! Please take care of everyone – PLEASE STAY HOME.

  • If you or someone in your home has been exposed to illness, or confirmed COVID-19 positive, it should be immediately reported to the site pandemic response team and HR. The employee must be self-quarantined for 14-days and work with HR directly regarding status updates to their condition

If you are ill, what happens if you exhaust your Sick hours for the Hourly/Non-Exempt Employees in the US and Exempt/Salaried in the UK?

  • Current work/pay arrangements remain through Sunday, May 3rd

Will the Onsite Work Incentive during COVID-19 still apply if I am hourly and going in to conduct my essential role and duties per business requirement?

  • Yes: Hourly paid employees will continue to be paid 0.5 hours on top of their hourly rate until Sunday May 3rd.

Do sites need to monitor their work?

  • Yes, each site should be responsible to track and to update their respective work and client studies

Do we need to track absences from work?

  • Yes, your Site Manager will continue to manage their respective Teams when in/out of office by using SmartSheet

What precautions must I follow if I work at a CrownBio Site?

  • All employees MUST wear a mask in all locations while in the workplace
  • All employees MUST practice social distancing whenever possible

Are the sites checking body temperature?

  • CBSD is currently checking body temperature of all on-site employees. If someone’s reading is over 100.4, they will be asked to go home and stay home until they are no longer sick.
  • As soon as CBLA and CBUK have a thermometer available, they will begin checking at their respective sites

The www.crownbio.com/besafe website is constantly being updated with vital information pertaining to our business. Please reach out to your Site Manager and/or Regional HR if you have any questions.

COVID-19 impacts us all differently. The needs of our employees and our community are being heard. Take care of your body. Stay informed. Stay connected to your family and friends! We are all doing our part to help stop the spread of this pandemic. Stay healthy and BeSafe!!! As information changes daily, we will continue to keep our team updated as information becomes available. Thank you in advance for your support during this unknown period of time.

Please reach out to BeSafe@CrownBio.com if you have any concerns or questions, or reach out to your local Pandemic Response Team, Site Manager, or Regional HR.


Best Regards,

Human Resources Department


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