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Last Updated March 12th, 2020

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The prevention and control measures of the new coronavirus

Dear colleagues:

In order to strengthen the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection and effectively prevent the spread of the disease, all provinces have initiated a first-level response to public health emergencies and implemented the strictest scientific prevention and control measures.

Employees’ health is the most important goal of the company. Given the current situation, in order to better prevent outbreaks, make sure you have a safe working environment in the company, we will follow the policy from Suzhou on strengthening new coronavirus infection pneumonia notice (no. 3) the epidemic prevention and control work, our first work day will be February 9, 2020, at the same time, we wil setup the following rules and guidelines and hope to have your support and cooperation.

Setting up an emergency response team: establishing emergency plans and prevention and control measures; monitor and report fever.

小组成员:Team members:

组长- 丁玉龙 总负责 Team leader – Yulong, Ding

副组长-顾继元、冯小红具体执行Deputy group leader - Jiyuan, Gu;Grace Feng

EHS-沈晓晨 EHS- Xiaochen, Shen

各部门经理 Department head

Before returning to the company, colleagues shall declare their travel areas during the Spring Festival to the head of the department by themselves. The head of the department shall report to the HR department and EHS before 10:00 AM on the first day. For those employees who have been to Hubei and returned to Taicang during the Spring Festival will be postponed for two weeks to go to work in the company. The company encourages them to take leave, annual leave.

Third party service personnel (including, but not limited to, suppliers, customers, job applicants, cleaning, security, etc.) shall be the responsibility of the corresponding department according to the above terms and reported to the emergency response team.

After returned to work, will test the temperature for all staff & third party personnel, if anyone temperature more than 37.3 degrees, need go nearby fever clinics.

Anyone has symptoms such as cold, cough, fever or any suspected cases in your work after the holiday, please report to the department head, and the emergency response team will deal with them accordingly.

Before the end of February in 2020 to suspend area of Hubei province (according to the updated circumstance serious epidemic area) of travel and cancel the visit the CrownBio. If unavoidable, obtain the prior consent of the emergency response team.

Supervision the domestic business trip to the end of February, 2020, all travel must be approved by general manager in advance, suggest it through the telephone conference, all the relevant business trips are considered necessary to employees on a voluntary basis.

Ø请需要购买商旅险的同事一定要在出差前联系HR 王小敏(wangxiaomin@crowbio.com)购买。
Anyone who has business trip, please information Mary Wang (wangxiaomin@crownbio.com) in advance to buy business trip insurance.

The company will pay close attention to the development of the epidemic, timely adjust and inform employees of the latest relevant regulations and measures to ensure the health and safety of employees.

If you have the latest information or better prevention and control recommendations please contact the emergency response team without any hesitation.

应急反应工作组 Emergency Response Team

丁玉龙 139 1555 7323
Yulong Ding 139 1555 7323
顾继元 186 2612 8833
Jiyuang Gu 186 2612 8833
冯小红 137 7190 2053
Grace Feng 137 7190 2053

Travel registration during the Spring Festival

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