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Last Updated March 12th, 2020

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Postponed Work for Outbreak of the New Coronavirus

Dear Crown Colleagues,

Happy New Year! The company has been paying close attention to the development of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. Thank you very much for your hard work during the holiday!

We previously published a notice on "Postponed Return to Work during Outbreak of the New Coronavirus”, the company follows the directive of the State Council to extend the Spring Festival Holiday to Feb. 2nd. In addition, following specific local government arrangements from Jiangsu, Beijing, Guangzhou, to put up all-out efforts to protect employees’ safety and health, the company decided to postpone the date of return to office to Feb. 10th in China Mainland.

Here please find the details below, please contact your manager or HR leader if any inquires.

一、Policy on off days & overtime before Feb.10th as well as timesheet fill out etc.

1、 Days off & overtime工作及加班政策如下:

For these who can’t come to work Feb.10th on time, the company will arrange accumulated overtime to swap or annual leave etc., Medical isolation and treatment are exception.

All the above, if there is any further regulation/policy from government, the company may make further changes and announce to all.

2、 During the period of postpone to work (Feb. 3rd to Feb. 9th), employees shall well arrange the return to the work city and standby for better preparation/ self-quarantine to work.
延迟复工期间员工需提前安排好返回工作城市并在这段时间内待命(同时也做好相应的自我隔离), 以此为后续准时上班做好准备。

3、 For these who already applied leaves (Feb. 1st & Feb. 3rd to Feb. 9th) in our attendance system, please don’t do anything in the system, HR will work with suppliers to cancel the leave application and work with individuals if anything more need to confirm.

4、 The accumulated overtime off in Feb attendance period will be valid for 8 months instead of 6 months.

5、 Please fill out timesheet as overtime before Feb.10th, same as Spring Festival Holiday.

6、 All of New on boarding employees will be postponed, HR will communicate with departments and the new employees respectively, any on site interviews will be postponed to the end of Feb.

7、 January Salary will be paid Feb. 10th, we will notify if there is any further change.

二、Protection of In/Out company before Feb.10th 关于2月10日之前进出公司的防护安排

1、 For these who didn’t work in the company during the holiday, if you have to visit company before Feb.10 th, please email to your manager and emergency team and get approved, please specify the details including your itinerary during the whole holiday, reason to visit company, planned time slots in the company as well as start and ending time, after the local responsible people infirm the security guards, and then people can visit company facility. Please take necessary hygiene measures when entering the office, including wearing a mask, normal temperature measurement and please minimizing your stay period.
春节期间没有一直在公司上班的员工,如2 月10 日之前需前往公司工作的同事,请事先写邮件给部门负责人、防控小组申请,注明整个假期间的去向、去公司的日期、预计工作开始和结束的时间以及事由,并得到同意后,由当地相关负责人通知保安后方可进入公司,请在进入办公室时采取必要的卫生措施,包括戴口罩、体温测量正常,并尽量缩短逗留时间。

2、 For these who entry/return/stopover HuBei Province, please abide by relevant national and local regulations, take home isolation observation for not less than 14 days, and prohibit to enter the company's facilities.

3、 During this period, if any employees find any suspected patients, please report to the local health and medical institutions and the company's emergency response team timely. The company promises to keep the informants strictly confidential.

三、Need to know for working at home and standby

1、 All Company policies and regulations, including Employee Handbook etc. shall be strictly adhered to by all employees whether working in the office or at home.

2、 Employees are expected to demonstrate their commitment to duly perform their daily professional duties, including but not limited to:

  • Result oriented work: fulfill committed tasks and deadline;
  • Reachable by colleagues, customers and business partners;
  • Responsive to phone calls and emails;
  • 3、 Employees shall ensure and arrange for themselves a professional working environment and safe work space. All employees are to act in accordance to the following general guidelines:
  • Take reasonably practical steps for safety and health of yourself and those affected by your work;
  • Familiarize yourself with the surroundings and understand the occupational safety including potential hazards, safety of machinery/equipment evacuation plan;
  • Maintain good practices of health management. 保持良好的健康管理习惯。
  • Coverage of occupational accidents that occur while working from home will go through the procedures under the social insurance scheme and the commercial insurance.

4、 The rules regarding data protection and information security are particularly important. They must be obeyed within the framework of legal and company regulations. All employees are required to protect internal company information against any loss, tampering, disclose, divulge and misuse of any kind and to strictly observe confidentiality obligations while home working. All assets assigned to the employees must be protected from theft, damage or misuse.

We are closely monitoring development of the situation and following directives of the governments. Follow up updates will be shared with you in a timely manner via email or WeChat.

We appreciated your understanding and cooperation, and let’s work together to keep healthy!

Human Resources Department

January 30th, 2020

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