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Last Updated March 17th, 2020

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Eric Johnson - JSR CEO Update

To All JSR and JSR Group Company Employees:


Thank you for all your efforts as we continue to navigate the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As always our first priority is the safety, health and well-being of our employees and your families so please do not hesitate to reach out if you need our help.


There is still much that we don’t know about the virus which is leading to uneven and unpredictable government responses. These realities require us to make quick adjustments and we are coordinating globally through the BCP committee lead by Kawahashi-san. Locally each site is executing their pandemic response plan to guarantee agility and accurate responses to local conditions. Our regional and global teams have done a great job in developing and executing meaningful action plans and I am grateful for the hard work the teams put in to provide the guidance needed to help employees stay safe and healthy.

我们对病毒仍然有很多未知的地方,这样就出现了不同地区的政府对这次疫情的不同管控。现实要求我们做出快速的调整。为此,我们由Kawahashi-san领导的BCP委员会会针对不同的情况进行全球性的协调。原则上,不同地区的各个公司执行当地的流行病防控指南,灵活并准确的响应当地政府的号召。 我们的区域及全球的团队在此次疫情中表现的非常出色,计划并实施了非常有意义的工作。我非常感激在此次疫情中为公司员工提供安全保障和指导的各个应急小组。

The reality is that we may be experiencing the repercussions of this pandemic for some time economically, in our work environment, and with our supply chains. This will be a challenging time and we will all need to accept, and adjust to, this new situation and stay disciplined and diligent. It is up to each of us to remain vigilant and continue to watch out for one another by following the recommended measures and guidelines, including not coming to work if you are feeling ill. I am receiving daily status briefings to ensure that JSR’s pandemic response teams are assisting where needed. Continue to watch for local updates and reach out through your management or HR if you need support. We have also made resources and local policies for JSR Life Sciences companies around the world available at the following link: JSR Life Sciences Companies: https://www.jsrlifesciences.com/crisis-comms

现实是,这次的全球流行疾病,我们可能会经历一些经济上的反弹,在我们的工作环境中,还有我们的供应商。这是一个非常具体挑战的时刻,我们需要去接受并调整这个新的形势,并保持纪律和勤奋。 这取决于我们每一个人来保持安全,并按照指导措施及指南持续观察一段时间。包括如果你觉得自己生病了,就不要去公司上班。我会持续的收到每日情况简报来确保JSR的全球流行疾病的应急小组得到该有的支持。大家也应当持续的关注当地的疫情状况,如有任何需要帮助的,请联系的你上级或者HR。 我们也对全球疫情做了JSR各地区集团公司的指南,请点击如下链接: https://www.jsrlifesciences.com/crisis-comms

While we don’t yet know the full health and economic impact of this pandemic, I am confident in the resilience of JSR because of its dedicated employees. Thank you for your continued support and vigilance.


Eric Johnson


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