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Last Updated March 20th, 2020

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Jean Pierre Wery - CrownBio CEO Update

My Dear fellow CrownBio Employees,

Needless to say, that we are now living thru uncertain and turbulent times. I want to thank you for your dedication and your efforts to help our company, its employees and its customers cope with this evolving situation in the best possible way. I also want to reassure you that during these hard times my first priority is to ensure the safety, health, and financial stability for our employees and their families. In that regards I have directed our regional and sites management to communicate and explain the various programs we are now initiating to ensure the wellbeing of our employees.


CrownBio is a global company and the situation is evolving differently in different parts and of our world. I have asked the local HR and Management teams to be very diligent in communicating immediately any change in rules and policies affecting their employees. Also please regularly consult the web page we have dedicated to communication with our employees during this crisis for any additional information: https://www.crownbio.com/besafe

冠科是一个跨国公司,目前全球不同地区正面临各种不同的状况。我要求当地的HR和管理部门及时的沟通并根据各地的政府管控立即调整影响员工的规定及政策。 另外,请定期的浏览我们为了这段非常时期建立的信息网站:https://www.crownbio.com/besafe

In these volatile times it is comforting to be part of a stable and successful company such as CrownBio which has the means of taking care of its employees. I don’t know how long these uncertain and trying period will last but what I am absolutely sure of is that we will be able to navigate this period successfully. When we emerge at the other end I want all our employees on board and ready to be a part of the successful future of our enterprise.

在这段不稳定的时期,作为冠科的一份子,是非常令人欣慰的。因为我们是一个非常稳定及成功的公司,我们有能力照顾到每个员工的需求。我不知道这个疫情会持续多久,但是我能肯定的是,我们一定会取得成功。 当我们到达成功的另一端,我希望我们所有的员工还能与冠科一同迎接属于我们更加美好的未来。

Please be safe and healthy. Let’s all work together and support each other and we will go thru these trying times. Please do not hesitate to contact any members of the CrownBio Senior Management team or myself if you have any questions.

请保护好自己,保持健康的体魄。 让我们齐心协力,互相扶持来度过这段不确定的时期。 如果你有任何问题,请毫不犹豫的联系任何一位冠科的高级管理层的委员。

Jean Pierre Wery

CEO Crown Bioscience


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