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Last Updated June 30th, 2020

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Celebrating Independence Day with COVID-19

Dear CrownBio Colleagues:

With the July 4th Independence holiday taking place this weekend, we wanted to take a moment to help you to Be Safe during a time that is normally rich with family gatherings, parties and other celebratory events.

In this festive time, especially with the summer weather having arrived, and many restaurants open again, one can easily be lulled into a false sense of security. A sense that normality is returning, that we do not have to be quite so vigilant as we were when this pandemic first broke out. The data, unfortunately, tell a different story: While some states in the Northeast are indeed seeing a decline in infections, almost half of the states in the US are reporting record infection rates, especially in Sun Belt states and even in California.

Some of you may be experiencing “Caution Fatigue” following months of restrictions, having already lived through months of stress and anxiety to help flatten the curve. But now is not yet the time to let up. Please continue to remain cautious. We encourage you to continue to social distance and wear a mask. When in doubt, follow your local, state, and federal guidelines for guidance on social gatherings.

As a reminder, our travel policies have not changed and remain aligned with JSR:

  • Personal Domestic Air Travel: Travel plans should be discussed with Line Management and HR must be informed prior to travel
  • We ask employees to notify their Managers and HR if they feel they were in a high risk situation and to work from home / self-quarantine for 3 days.
  • Personal International Air Travel: In order to travel internationally by air, a discussion with Tim Lowery CEO JSR Life Sciences tlowery@jsrlifesciences.com prior to booking travel is required

Your safety, and the safety of your loved ones is our utmost priority. Please. Stay Safe.

US Regional HR

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