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Last Updated May 6th, 2020

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Announcement from Armin Spura, CEO of CrownBio

My Dear CrownBio Colleagues,


It’s been a month now since I became your new CEO. I wanted to provide you with an update on CrownBio’s continuing efforts in our response to COVID-19.

我担任冠科 CEO 已经一个月了。我想给大家提供更新信息关于冠科在 COVID-19 疫情期间所做的持续努力。

Before I do, I’d like to send a huge thank you to all of you for the commitment you continue to demonstrate amid this global health crisis. Thank you to our:


  • Operations, Quality, Logistics, and R&D teams for your efforts in coming to our sites every day to advance our studies and research, while ensuring we have the equipment needed to work safely in compliance with, and exceeding, national, federal, and state guidelines
  • Commercial and Customer-facing teams, who continue to find unique and creative ways to engage our customers and bring in new business and meet our targets
  • HR and Finance teams, whose critical work behind the scenes ensures that the CrownBio team spirit thrives and we manage our business responsibly
  • 感谢运营,质量,物流以及研发团队付出的努力,每天去到我们各个地区的办公室来保证我们的项目及研究提前完成,与此同时确保我们所需的工作符合并超过国家,联邦政府及州的指导要求
  • 感谢商务及面向客户端的团队,持续并突破传统来找到独特并有创造性的方式来与客户保持联系,并给我们带来新的生意来到达我们预期的目标
  • 感谢人力资源及财务团队,他们在幕后的关键工作,确保了冠科团队的蓬勃发展并展示了我们对业务的责任心

My tenure is short, but in that time, I’ve witnessed the strength of spirit within CrownBio. A “can-do, will do” culture that runs through our teams, sites, and our colleagues at every level of the company. A culture that drives us to find creative ways to meet our commitments to our customers and each other. I already know that it’s during challenging times like these that we see the best of CrownBio on display.

我加入公司的时间还不长,但在这短短的时间里,我看到了冠科内在的精神力量。一个“可以 做,一定会去做”的文化在我们团队各个分公司以及所有的员工。一种驱使我们寻找创造性的 文化来履行我们对客户的彼此承诺。在这个充满挑战的时期,我们看到了冠科最好的呈现。

Coming back now to COVID-19. As Eric Johnson mentioned in his recent message, here in the Bay Area of California where I live, we’ve been sheltering in place for almost two months. This is expected to continue through the end of May. Our locations in San Diego, Louisiana, and the UK face similar directives. Our European colleagues are experiencing some of the most severe global restrictions.

再来说现在的 COVID-19, 正如 Eric Johnson 在他近期的邮件中提到, 我所居住的加州湾区, 我们被限制在家近 2 个月。按照现在的情况看来,至少要到 5 月底。 在圣地亚哥,路易斯安纳及英国的公司面临相似的政策。我们欧洲的同事正在经历最严格的全球限制。

Despite the current situation, I anticipate that we will start to see some easing of the most stringent government directives beginning in June. While I welcome this easing, I am also cautious. We must ensure that we remain disciplined in following global guidelines to stay safe. Also, we have to recognize that we will not instantly return to normal. We will need to plan for what I hope is a relatively brief period of “Interim Normal.” We will likely have to adjust to frequent changes in the legislative direction, which will influence how we interact with each other, our customers, and how and when we travel.

尽管现状十分严峻,我期望 6 月份的时候,政府的最严格指令会有所放松。我非常期待这一刻的来临,但是我同样会保持警惕。我们必须遵循全球性的安全准则以确保我们的安全。同 时,我们必须意识到不可能立刻恢复正常。我们需要为我们所期望的 “暂时正常”时期做准备。我们需要去适应政策的随时变动,这会影响我们内部及与客户之间的交流,以及出差的时间 和方式。

To this end, CrownBio’s global pandemic teams have formulated plans across all sites to guide how we will continue operations and interact with our colleagues, customers, and partners. You can download the plan from our BeSafe web page dedicated to COVID-19 employee updates. Your regional HR teams will also share it with you. I encourage you to visit CrownBio.com/BeSafe for detailed information on these plans, which include newly updated policies regarding work arrangements for our sites.

为了这个目标,冠科全球防疫小组已经在各个分公司定制计划并指导我们如何继续运营,如何与我们的同事,客户和合作伙伴互动。你可以通过 Besafe 网站下载 COVID-19 安全计划及员工指导更新,你所在区域的人力资源团队也会与你分享相关信息。更多的细节和计划,我建议你可以去浏览以下网站:CrownBio.com/BeSafe,你也会在网站上看到最新的政策更新及不同地区的工作安排。

I look forward to providing you with more updates on the company and what I have been focusing on in my first month during our virtual All Hands calls next week. Meanwhile, I hope that you and your loved ones are all staying healthy and safe in these trying times. And please do not hesitate to reach out to any members of the CrownBio Senior Management team or directly to me if you have any questions.


Armin Spura CEO of CrownBio

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