CrownBio Posters at ADA

Please fill out the form to the right to download posters presented at the recent ADA meeting held June 10-14 in New Orleans, LA.

Hepatic Lipidosis and Fibrosis in Obese, Dysmetabolic, and Diabetic Non-Human Primates Quantified by Noninvasive Sonography

Authors: Haihua Gu, Yongqiang Liu, Hui Wang, Bingdi Wang, Guofeng Sun, Xiaoli Wang, George Aoyagi, Yong-Fu Xiao, Keefe Chng, Yao-Ping Lin, Jinhu Wang, Yixin (Jim) Wang

The Use of Dexcom G4 Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Diabetes NHP Research

Authors: Yin Liang, Bingdi Wang, Guofeng Sun, Wei Qiao, Weiwei Ye, Jiqiu Qiao, Zhen Pang, Xiaoli Wang, Yong-Fu Xiao, Jean Whaley, Keith T. Demarest, Yixin (Jim) Wang

Advantages of Glucose Monitoring with Implantable Telemetry in Freely Moving Conscious Non-Human Primates

Authors: Bingdi Wang, Wei Qiao, Guofeng Sun, Yongqiang Liu, Jiqiu Qiao, Weiwei Ye, Hui Wang, Xiaoli Wang, Ryan Lindquist, Yixin (Jim) Wang, Yong-Fu Xiao

Characterization of FATZO Mice for Diabetes and Obesity Research

Authors: Richard G. Peterson, Charles Van Jackson, Bria Sneed, Brian A. Droz, Mervyn D. Michael, Paul J. Emmerson, Tamer Coskun