Vision & Mission


What Drives Our Company?


Our mission is to provide the premier collection of well-characterized models and services for drug discovery to help our clients reduce the attrition rate of candidate compounds by improving molecule selection, as well as identifying patients who will benefit most from a treatment regimen.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and completing projects swiftly and cost-effectively.


  1. CrownBio will change how industry discover new oncology and cardiovascular metabolic drugs and as such assist in determining the best drugs to treat patients

  2. With CrownBio’s portfolio of cutting edge technologies and vast collection of PDX models, CrownBio is in essence recapitulating the diversity and complexity of human cancer biology in the laboratory

  3. CrownBio will launch a large initiative to test “1,000 drugs in 10,000” PDX models. The invaluable data and information that will results will help transform cancer from an acute, deadly disease to a manageable chronic condition