Our Vision

Crown will change how industry validates new oncology and cardiovascular metabolic drugs and as such assist our customers in determining the best drugs to treat patients.


A world leader in Pre-Clinical Oncology and Metabolic Disease Models

Our leading class cancer and metabolic disease platforms help customers accelerate their new drug development programs. Crown develops world leading preclinical efficacy models and provides both in vitro and in vivo testing services and pre-clinical research products. We are a global operation with 7 facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, China and Taiwan.

Clarity With Crown

Crown Bioscience brings clarity to drug discovery around the world by helping biopharmaceutical companies solve some of today's most pressing problems in oncology and cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

As a comprehensive solution provider, CrownBio helps reveal the best clinical possibilities with our proprietary HuPrime®, HuKemia®, HuBase™, HuMark™, HuTrial™ and HuSignature™ platforms that enable unique lead optimization and translational strategies. CrownBio'scutting-edge translational technologies are proprietary techniques that provide robust and scientifically sound end-to-end solutions for preclinical drug development.

From large-scale in vitro and in vivo screening of drug candidates to running surrogate trials in tandem with human clinical trials, CrownBio's well-characterized translational models and drug discovery services deliver complete and catered solutions for biopharmaceutical companies. By providing the data needed to inform and accelerate oncology and CVMD therapeutic development, CrownBio helps our clients make smarter decisions about their drug candidates.

With more experience than anyone in the industry, CrownBio's global resources help customers answer the most challenging questions about human biology.

Crown's portfolio of cutting edge technologies including the world's largest collection of validated PDX models, Crown is in essence recapitulating the diversity and complexity of human cancer biology in the laboratory.

Our translational technology platforms are helping our clients make precision medicine a reality.